STEM kits made for girls in Scouting ** enjoyed by everyone!

What are Rope Runners?

The Rope Runner is a wooden figure which rolls down a rope on a single wheel, using weights to balance. It is based on a traditional toy concept. The Rope Runner is simple in design and easy to assemble. But, seeing it in action is really quite amazing!

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Our kits include all the basic parts to make the Rope Runner. You supply whatever decorative materials you wish to make your Rope Runner a unique creation. To race, all you need is rope. Indoors or out, the Rope Runner Derby is a blast! click here!

They're art, they're science, and, most of all,
they're incredibly fun to make and race.

This is how the Rope Runner looks when the parts in the kit are put together) but before it is decorated.
Assembling the Rope Runner provides an opportunity to learn about balance, counter weights, center of mass, science, woodworking, machines, and wheels and axles. Then, the Rope Runner is transformed into a personal artistic statement by decorating it with simple craft materials and imagination. There is only one restriction: whatever decoration is added must be light in weight, or the Rope Runner will not balance. This “reality check” can be very informative too!

Creativity Counts!

It does not require any unusual or expensive materials to decorate the Rope Runner, just a little glue and common household items like toothpicks, beads, pompoms, Styrofoam, fun foam, chenille wires, poster point, bottle caps, ping pong balls, and scraps of fabric. The range of creative expression displayed by the Rope Runners in the average Derby is incredible, no two are alike. Some may be animals, some may be people and some are abstract. But all of them are delightful!

Fun Assembly Required

The kits may be assembled and raced on the same day, if you take a break to allow paint and glue to dry. If the kits are taken home for assembly, it is a great chance for parents to get involved. Dads especially like the carpentry aspect. But the design of the Rope Runner is simple enough that even younger girls can make a wonderful Rope Runner, and win Derbies, too! No special tools or experience are necessary.

Ready! Set! Go!

The races are easy and inexpensive to set up. Basically all you need is some 1/8″ nylon rope and a place to tie it so it slants downhill, and so kids can reach it. There are no hard and fast rules about setting up the races, since each site is different. Outdoors, a hillside is good, or a beach or a park. Indoors, you could use a gym, with bleachers or stage to provide slope. Malls, lobbies, auditoriums— almost any place is a great place for a Rope Runner Derby!

The Possibilities Are Endless With Rope Runners

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